Case Study
With average success, had delivered promotional emailings to an in-house list of customers and registered prospects. The company needed to significantly improve open and click-thru rates on these regular mailings and to boost the attributable revenues. But how could Blindsgalore, ahem, shed light on the subject?
Realizing the value behind email segmentation, Blindsgalore chose to create a strategic "second wave" of targeted promos by leveraging RoiLogix. Recipients who clicked on specific product links contained in the initial email (without making a purchase) automatically received a second wave promotion offering added incentive on the particular product of interest.
The very first attempt led to a click-thru breakthrough. A first wave mailing went out to more than 107,000 addresses and received a typical click-thru rate of approximately 3%. But the second wave, sent to 2,463 people, not only produced a much higher response rate but actually yielded more purchase revenues than did the first wave. Even more remarkably, the cost of doing the powerful second wave promotion amounted to less than $20 for
"The cost to deploy and manage the entire campaign with RoiLogix was far less than with any outsourced solution we'd previously tried. We received some of the highest response rates we've ever seen, and the fact that we could measure revenue resulting directly from the campaign is what set RoiLogix apart."
-- Ashley Reddy, COO Blindsgalore .com
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