Product Overview
RoiLogix’s integrated marketing automation software includes powerful tools for delivering real-time, personalized web campaigns, and personalized email campaigns. And it provides the web analytics and transaction profile data necessary to identify which segments to target, and then drive these campaigns.

Our clients have been able to significantly increase their online ROI and turn raw traffic into revenue by being able to
  • Identify and segment prospects and customers based on predefined criteria in real time and deliver specific campaigns to different segments of visitors.
  • Win back sales from Abandoned Shopping Carts by identifying visitors that abandon the sales process and presenting them with the right offer to convert them into paying customers.
  • Track email activity of recipients that clicked on products without corresponding purchases; and then sending appropriate offers have helped double email sales in some cases.
  • Track revenue generated per unique campaign/visitor and offering visitors corresponding incentives based on campaign/ search engine keyword typed.

To get the most from RoiLogix’s marketing automation software, follow this three-phase process.
Phase 1: Analyze
Once RoiLogix has been integrated with your web site, and been running for a few days, you will have enough web analytics data and transaction profile data to begin identifying specific segments to target.
Phase 2: Personalize
Web Campaigns
Define business rules to be used to trigger the campaign
Associate content (messages, ads, offers) that you create for these campaigns, with the business rules.
Define the campaign launch variables (start and stop dates, # of impressions, or clicks).
Anonymous visitors that come to your site, and that match the business rules are presented with the content. These campaigns increase conversion rates, and sales.
Create and run as many campaigns as desired.
Email Campaigns
Build – or import, a list.
Create an HTML email and send it to the selected list.
Phase 3: Optimize
Web Campaigns: Assess the results and refine the campaigns: change the business rules, the message, the format, or all three.

Email Campaigns: Track the results, including revenue, associated with the campaign. Identify segments to target with additional, follow-on campaigns that result in additional sales.

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