Boost your online sales with Roilogix.

Get the most of your marketing budget.

RoiLogix helps retailers understand end users' online purchasing behaviour in real time; offering them a personalized experience thus significantly enhancing online sales.


"The Cost to deploy and manage the entire campaign with RoiLogix was far less that with any ourtourced solution we'd previously tried. We received some of the highest response rates we've ever seen, and the fact that we could measure revenue resulting directly from the campaign is what set RoiLogix apart."

Ashley Reddy, Chief Operating Officer, Blindsgalore

Current Web site design and development and internet marketing efforts are diluted tremendously by a lack of understanding about Web site traffic (ie., customer) conversion and retention. Learn how we can help.

"Why buy generic ads when you can buy quality leads? RoiLogix helped us deliver a highly targeted and effective campaign in an alarmingly short time-frame. I would recommend RoiLogix personalization campaigns to any marketer looking to segment in a broad medium like the Web."

Declan Dunn, President, ADNet International


Marketing Personalization & Automation

Web analytics is data from anonymous visitors to a web site. Web analytics lets marketers track the click-through and drilldown behavior of internet customers within your web site, determine the sites from which customers most often arrive, and communicate with browsers to track and analyze online behavior.

The Roilogix marketing personalization and automation system will enable you to increase online ROI turning raw Internet web site traffic into better revenue generation by having the tools that includes internet based web analytics AND also gives you:
  1. Personalized Web Campaign Management: The Roilogix Marketing Automation software provides the ability to quickly create and deploy personalized online web campaigns that deliver content to users based on defined business rules. This gives you better online Web site revenue, internet lead generation and conversion.
  2. Reducing shopping cart abandonment
  3. Personalized Email Campaign Management (Better email lead generation): Being able to track recipients and send appropriate offers have helped double email sales for some of our clients.
  4. Transaction Profiles (Better online marketing ROI): The Roilogix Marketing automation system allows you to track revenue generation per unique campaign/ visitor/ keyword. The information is used to identify visitor segments to be targeted with web and email campaigns with a high level of personalization, and to measure campaign effectiveness.
  5. Interactive Reports: RoiLogix Automation & Personalization system provides a very detailed, powerful view of the web analytics data. An OLAP data cube is automatically created for multi-dimensional analysis, allowing you to view, explore and analyze data in interactive charts, graphs and tables.

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