In couple of simple steps, using Roilogix marketing automation software, you will be able to segment your online visitors and be able to offer visitors appropriate incentives and information. You will be able to address a number of the most common e-commerce challenges that marketers face including declining conversion rates and increased shopping cart abandonment.


Improving site conversion rates: The Roilogix Marketing Automation software will enable you to identify and segment prospects and customers based on predefined criteria and deliver specific campaigns to different segments of visitors. This will boost your conversion rate.
Reducing shopping cart abandonment: You will be able to identify visitors that abandon the sales process and present them with the right offer to convert them into paying customers.
Increased sales through email: Being able to track recipients that clicked on products without corresponding purchases; and then sending appropriate offers have helped double email sales for some of our clients.
Improved Marketing Return of Investment: The Roilogix solution enables you to track revenue generated per unique campaign per unique visitor and unique keyword search. You can thus isolate and fire the campaigns that unproductive.
Increased sales through tracking: Our marketing automation system enables the marketer to present to visitors corresponding incentives and product information based on campaign/ search engine keyword typed. Timely information is proven to increase online sales.
The Value proposition can be categorized into three groups.
More customers, by
  •  Increasing web site traffic with targeted, personalized email campaigns.
  •  Improving conversion rates with real-time, rules-based, web personalization
  •  Reducing shopping cart abandonment with personalized incentives, offers and help.
  •  Enhancing the shopping experience using insights gained from web analytics.
More profit per customer, by
  •  Delivering personalized up-sell and cross-sell offers, and recommendations.
  •  Delivering targeted offers to customers via email.
  •  Improving the effectiveness of search engine marketing and other online initiatives. This reduces customer  acquisition costs.
More customer loyalty, by
  •  Presenting loyal visitors and customers with personalized messages and offers.
  •  Maintaining regular communication with customers via personalized email.
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