Company Overview
The Promise of Personalization
Successful online retailers understand the need for giving each person that interacts with their site individual personalized attention. Specifically, personalization promises better conversion rates, more sales; lower shopping cart abandonment rates and customer acquisition costs, and greater customer loyalty.
Barriers to Success
Personalization has not been realized for a few reasons:
User-driven personalization misses many visitors: Majority of users will not provide complete or accurate data when filling out a form. One should not rely on these solutions that ask visitors to submit profile and preference information.
Insufficient Web analytics: While these solutions are great at providing reams of data on anonymous visitor profile and behavior, they don’t provide the means to act on this valuable information. Without the critical, complementary personalization tools, it is all but impossible for marketers to present anonymous site visitors with content tailored to their unique needs.
Poor Return on Investment: Many personalization solutions are too expensive or complex. Using multiple systems is inefficient and produced a poor ROI.
RoiLogix Delivers on the Promise
RoiLogix specializes in helping e-retailers get the most of their marketing budget. RoiLogix helps enhance ROI and helps companies become more profitable, through personalization. RoiLogix’s marketing automation software includes powerful, integrated tools for delivering real-time, rules-driven, personalized web campaigns, and personalized email campaigns. And it provides the data needed to identify market segments to target, and drive these campaigns.
RoiLogix was founded in 2000, is privately held, and serves the needs of companies in all e-commerce categories, including apparel, consumer goods, computers and electronics, health and beauty, and sporting goods.


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