West Marine Case Study
West Marine operates more than 260 stores in North America, stocking well over 50,000 boating products -- everything from basic lifejackets to the most advanced marine electronics. The company also serves customers in more than 150 countries through established mail order and growing e-commerce operations.
Having just set sail in e-commerce seas, West Marine needed a solution that could accurately identify their Web visitors' characteristics and behavior. The goal was to reel in more customers -- both online and on dry land -- by segmenting the market and sending targeted promotions to an array of audience types.
In a strategically phased program, West Marine began by using RoiLogix to collect visitor data in 50 key Analytics categories. Next, to generate new waves of revenue with the data, West Marine delivered customized content to their various types of visitors using RoiLogix personalization.
To land greater numbers of international online buyers, the company launched a series of foreign language campaigns that presented convenient shipping information to international Web visitors. And to increase sales on home shores, West Marine used another geographic business rule to drive online traffic to sales and special events at local outlets.
In addition to boosting Web usability, reach and revenue, RoiLogix helped West Marine understand why some customers prefer to buy online. RoiLogix's geography-based campaigns gave North American visitors opportunity to benefit from local in-store promotions -- something rarely available through a Web site -- and international orders increased because customers received language-appropriate shipping details they could bite into.
"We are is using RoiLogix to converge our retail channels and convert online customers into retail customers. The geography-based campaigns allow us to advertise local store seminars and events to our Web customers, without asking the customer for explicit data."
--Tony Gasparich, VP of Marketing, West Marine
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