ADNet Case Study


ADNet International provides direct marketing services that leverage the Internet to generate leads for corporate clients of all sizes. To meet the demands of one particular client, ADNet needed to customize and launch a rich media promotion campaign that could quickly identify quality leads among high technology users in Fortune 100 companies.

To tackle this tricky segmenting challenge, ADNet's criteria were to:

Identify a solution that could convert more prospects from qualified traffic
Implement a system that would continually mine the Internet for prospects
Launch a campaign within three months (that's no typo -- three months)

ADNet was thrilled to discover that SiteBrand's analytics-based personalization campaigns fit the bill on all fronts.SiteBrand InSite enabled ADNet to deliver targeted promotions to Web visitors who were from specific organizations and who satisfied specific technology requirements.

SiteBrand helped make this challenging media buying program a huge success. Segmented delivery and quick implementation allowed ADNet to reduce customer acquisition costs for its client by up to 50%. And unlike many web campaigns, this one became even more effective as time progressed, eventually reaching more than a 60% click-thru rate. And the three-month launch timeline? No problem for SiteBrand. All implementation and training was complete in a lightening fast three days.

"Why buy generic ads when you can buy quality leads? SiteBrand helped us deliver a highly targeted and effective campaign in an alarmingly short timeframe. I would recommend SiteBrand's Personalization campaigns to any marketer looking to segment in a broad medium like the Web."
--Declan Dunn, President, ADNet International

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